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Anthony Bourdain Net Worth of $16 Million in 2018

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Anthony Bourdain Net Worth of $16 Million in 2018

Anthony Bourdain was a widely famous American chef and author. He was not only a great chef rather he penned down so many books and gave words to his inner talent. His best-selling book is ‘Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly’. His talent has earned a massive recognition and acknowledgement, that is why he was offered to host various tv programs and he did the hosting of many tv shows too. He travelled a lot and displayed his art of cooking where ever he went. His work has made him earned gigantic revenue. Unfortunately, he was found dead in his hotel room on 5th of June, 2018. According to a ball park figure, by the time of his death, Anthony Bourdain net worth was $16 million in 2018.

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Anthony Bourdain Biography

Age and Zodiac Sign

Anthony was born on 25th of June, 1956. This makes him Cancer. 61 years old Anthony stands as one of the most famous chef-cum-authors.

Early Life of Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain belongs to New York, that’s where he was born and spent his childhood. His parents were known as Gladys Bourdain and Pierre. Anthony’s mother used to work for The New York Times as an editor. He attended The Dwight Englewood School and graduated in the year 1973. Later Anthony joined Vassar College but after sometime he discontinued going there as he was inclined towards becoming a chef. So, he joined The Culinary Institute of America and did his graduation from there in the year 1978.

Personal Life of Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain tied the knot in the year 1985 with his girlfriend named Nancy Putkoski who used to be with him in his Highschool. Their marriage got over in 2005. Second time, Anthony got hitched with Ottavia Busia in the year 2007. From her he had a daughter Ariane. Their marriage ended up in the year 2016.

Anthony Bourdain Net Worth

Anthony has served in many restaurants like One Fifth Avenue, Supper Club etc. later he got the high position and became an executive chef in Brasserie Les Halles in the year 1998. ‘kitchen Confidential’ was his first book that took him to the peak of stardom and success. His second famous venture is ‘A Cook’s Tour: In Search of the Perfect Meal’. The net worth of Anthony bourdain is estimated to be $16 million in 2018.

Anthony Bourdain Earnings 2012-2016

A Cook’s Tour was consisted of 35 episodes and it was between 2002 to 2003. Anthony also worked in his own shows as a writer and producer. For instance, ‘The Mind of a Chef and The Layover. So, its not just his books and cooking that made him earn a revenue rather he these various shows of tv were also the source of earning. Roughly these shows have made him generated more than $500,000.

In the year 2012 Anthony was said to have almost $5.1 million of fortune. As his talent was cashed widely so his fortune got hike up and went to $7.2 million next year and till 2014 it went to $7.8 million.

Anthony Bourdain NetWorth 2017

From his popular food series Anthony had generated above than $5.7 million. Anthony began hosting a program named ‘Travel Channel’s culinary’ and he also hosted cultural adventure programs. In 2013 he joined CNN for hosting ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’. Anthony has penned down fictional and non-fictional books too. It is said from many sponsorships and endorsement deals, Anthony has amassed $235,000. The salary he used to receive was of $5,000,000. By the end of 2017 Anthony Bourdain networth was estimated $16 million.

Anthony Bourdain Net Worth 2018

Anthony was a witty host, a brilliant chef who run many restaurant kitchens of almost all over New York City. He earned a huge name, respect and success and then he left his admirers in a bewilderment by committing suicide. By the time of his demise in 2018, Anthony Bourdain’s Net Worth was $16 million.

His work of excellence will always be remembered by his fans and admirers. Though his sudden death rather a suicidal death will remain a mystery. A person with extra-ordinary skills, who wrote many books, articles and essays, who travelled widely and spread his work has left his fans with countless questions in their minds.

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