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Akon Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Earnings

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Akon Net Worth 2018 – Biography, Facts and Earnings

Akon is a famous American singer who has produced number of albums, besides being a fine singer Akon proved his talent in some other fields too such as he pens down the lyrics of his songs, he is a record producer, an actor and a business man too. Akon is best known for his debut “Locked Up”, it was his record-selling single. He is a successful singer and Akon net worth is $80 million in 2018.

Akon Biography and Family Life

Akon Age and Zodiac sign

Akon was born on 16th of April, 1973. This makes him Aries. 45 years old American singer stood on the 449th most popular American and 83rd most popular singer.

Akon Family, Education and Early life

Akon was born in St. Louis, United States. He spent a greater part of his childhood in Senegal. Akon’s father used to work as a jazz drummer and the mother worked as dancer. So, he was familiar with some of the musical instruments since childhood. He was just a kid when he started learning the instruments like guitar, djembe and drums.

Akon got associated with hip-hop music when he was hardly 7 years old. He migrated with his family to United States and got settled there. He was a school going boy when he invited many problems and spent some time behind the bars. It all happened when his parents got settled in Atlanta, he and his brother were left to attend the school. So, there was no one as such to keep tabs on him and he took a great advantage of it. The time that he spent in jail provided him the opportunity to learn more about music. At that time the love and passion for music started getting firmed.

Personal life

Akon is a fervent Muslim, he himself claims he has more than one wives, probably he has three wives. He has terms with each of them. From these wives he has six children. He doesn’t want to unveil much about his personal life. As it his personal matter that is not supposed to be discussed publicly. He is very much caring and loving about his family members. Loves to spend time with them.

Akon Net Worth

The birth place of Akon is St. Louis America but he has deep association with Senegal, the reason behind this emotional attachment with Senegal is that in those surroundings he started getting involved with music. The voyage of becoming a singer wasn’t a piece of cake for him. Today he is a millionaire but the journey towards earning stardom and money was really a tough one.

The time that he spent in prison provided him an ample amount of opportunities to polish his skills of music so he started making singles and began to work on his albums. His first single was “Locked Up” that was released in the year 2004. The release of this song instantly earned him a name. He got a reasonable amount of popularity but what really turned him into a star and made him stand at the peak of stardom was when he teamed up with lady Gaga in the year 2007. Akon is amongst those celebrities who earned a hefty net worth in the beginning of their career. His current net worth is estimated as 80 million dollars in 2018.

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Akon’s earnings in 2015-16

Akon released his first album in 2004, the album was entitled as “Trouble”. Till 2008 Akon worked on his three albums, after “trouble” he released “Konvicted”. The release of his albums hiked up his earnings and net worth. From the album “Trouble” Akon generated $6,493,506, and from “konvicted” he earned $8,658,009.

After getting earned from these albums he prepared himself in the release of “Freedom” and “Stadium”. The album “Freedom” was released in 2008 and ‘Stadium” was released in 2016. ‘Freedom’ has made him earn around $11,363,636 and ‘Stadium’ made him earn $13,986,014. His career of singing was funky as he teamed up with some really eminent and successful singers, such as he worked with Whitney Houston, Gwen Stefani and yes let’s not forget lady Gaga. It’s not just music where he proved his talent rather he worked in movies too. By the end of 2015 his net worth was $70 million that was hiked up in 2016 and tuned into $ 80 million in the end of 2017.

Akon’s earnings in 2017

Akon’s net worth started getting enlarged more vividly when he released his albums under his record label “Konvict Muzik”. Through his label he generates fifty percent of profits. Besides that, he runs and owns a clothing line that is very renowned one, denim jeans, so these jeans and t-shirts also makes him earn heavily. According to an estimation he has a massive net worth of eighty million dollars.

Akon Net Worth in 2018

After the first venture “Trouble” Akon was all set and determined for his next ventures. He produced many hits. ‘Lonely’ too was a hit single of Akon, and then came the great songs like ‘Pot of Gold’, ‘Ghetto’ and ‘Belly Dancer’.

Akon has also acted in some of the movies too as American Heist, from this Akon has earned almost $5,543,237, ‘Black November’, from this Akon has earned almost $5,050,505.

So, his current net worth is $80 million in 2018 but it is anticipated that it is going to get higher because he is involved in business too and this obviously is source of revenue too that enhances his net worth.

Synopsis of his earnings:

  • The income that Akon he received from 2015 to 2016 was around $10,823,529.
  • In 2014 his net worth was $75 million that hiked in 2015-16 and turned into $70 million.
  • From per show in average he earns almost $230,000.
  • From sponsorships and endorsements, he earned $2,091,503.

Awards and achievements

Akon is amongst the richest singers who earned a recognition and massive success by giving hits after hits. His second album made him appear in the nomination of Grammy awards for three times.

Within the time span of 3 years he earned fifty million dollars.

Lavish life style of Akon

He has two stylish homes into two different locations. One of his home is in Atlanta, it is said that his home of worth of $2,865,000. It has modern comforts in it, it has a large swimming pool and a tennis court too.

It sits on a fifteen thousand feet area, it is really gigantic in size that has huge rooms and a bar area too. The mansion has two well-equipped guest houses.

Stylish Akon’s rides

Akon who owns a massive net worth of eighty million dollars drives and roams around in stylish rides, let’s look at the list below that shows a number of cars he owns:

  • Porsche Panamera
  • Ferrari 458
  • Spyker C8
  • Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster
  • Lamborghini Gallardo.

‘Money Talks” I must say, great American singer living and cherishing his dreams deliberately.

Interesting facts about Akon

  • Akon’s complete name is “Badara Akon Thiam”.
  • When it comes to his birthday then Akon keeps it shielded and the reason has not been figured out yet.
  • Akon’s popular colleagues are Eminem and Snoop dog.
  • In one of his mansion there is a huge wine cellar that have twelve hundred bottles.
  • The third album of Akon that is named as “Freedom” was a massive hit and thus it was given a certification of Platinum.
  • In the year 2007 Akon made appearance on a “Reality Show Big Brother”, he appeared as a guest.
  • Akon appeared in Bollywood movie named “Ra-one”, he collaborated with Vishal and Shehkar in a song “Chammak Challo”.
  • Akon throughout his career has had in the nominations of Grammy Awards for 5 times.
  • Akon made a guest appearance above than three hundred songs.
  • Akon says that he isn’t a musician first, music comes later and he is a business man first.
  • Akon is a great humanitarian who keeps a soft corner for others and doesn’t turn a blind eye when it comes to help someone. He is very much forward in charity causes. He has started a project that promises to provide electricity in the rural areas of Africa.

Akon struggled hard to step in the field of music, it’s not a matter of few days and weeks, it’s a journey of years that made him what he is today. The time when he started working on music is when he was put behind the bars, there he strived to stable his position in music. After getting released he again mustered up his courage and released many albums. His singles responded quite positively. His albums scored great and made him earn a great name across the world. Akon Net Worth and his hard work is an example for all the upcoming artists who want to be a musician, one has to be consistent and devoted besides being talented and skilled. It’s not just the passion that pushes you forward it is patience too that one needs to show while carrying on a voyage of success and stardom.

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